So I was drinking a SoBe life water today and



Google, no.

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Thank you

Love at first sight. 

10 years of those eyes

I hope you’re comfortable

You were my best friend, see you soon. I love you x



My life is complete. 

Nobody going to mention what seems to be a lesbian polygamous relationship?

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This is the creepiest thing ever. 

EU debt crisis imminent?

Some food for thought.

In the Eu debt crisis of 2011, spanish bond yields grew to near 6% there was an air of danger of default at the time - this caused the bond crisis

Today November 6th 2013

Portugal was at 6.06% up 3 on the day if it rises any more it could be a trigger to sell and sell HUGE!

Portugal’s debt is rising and when investors buy bonds - they invest in the governments and this is now at a critical level.

Greece is at 7.9% yields on 10 yr bonds - troika meet tomorrow Thursday 7th October. The outcome of this could be devastating to Europe.

If it goes against what many analysts seem to be focused on - a year ending with index highs - This will be a catalyst for a sell off across the global equity and bond markets and in months people will look to this as the reason for the possible market crash.

It’s time to be cautious about being bullish. Not bearish.

The ftse is flat on the day and as it dropped on Tuesday its indicative of the big players GS Citi JP and the like selling off which will eventually trickle down to retail investors around the world.

All time highs on the DJI FTSE SP are signs of a sell off drawing in soon anyway. What goes up must come down, at some point. No doubt markets will probably have a bumper year in 2014, but unless Europe is addressed. We could all end up worse off.


Nik Nicholas